your digital marketing

Visitors come and go. 

Buyers stick around. 

Turn your visitors into long-standing clients or customers with a performance marketing strategy tailored to you.

Taking users from cold to sold

There’s no one-and-done approach to getting business. It’s about creating solutions that work at every stage of the user journey, from hardly interested to valuable advocate.

Catch your clients' eyes


Pay Per Click

More traffic, more customers, more conversions

Google, socials, LinkedIn, YouTube – you name it, we can use it to run digital campaigns that not only attract new traffic but boost conversions.

Whatever your budget, we’ll find a digital advertising solution that fits it and (more importantly), works.

We’re not in the business of throwing money at a problem. 

We create strategies that target the right audiences and relentlessly monitor, optimise and report on the success of ad campaigns.


Claim your precious spots on Google

SEO is not about overnight results.

It’s the long game – but it’s well worth the effort. 

There’s no quick way to get to the top of results, Google’s algorithms are hot on the heels of anybody trying to cheat the system.

But, without SEO you can wave goodbye to ranking on the first page of Google. There are tons of factors that impact if you appear where you want to be, or not.

We work to appease the Google gods by making your website top-quality and well-respected. We do this with on and off-site SEO, optimising metadata and technical SEO as well as outreach strategies to get your brand being spoken about.


Search Engine Optimisation

Get them ready to click buy


Conversion Rate Optimisation
CRO - Conversion rate Optimisation

Turn browsers into buyers

Having a beautiful website means nothing if your conversion rate is in the gutter. 

So while a lot of people think their websites have a traffic problem, they don’t. They actually have a conversion problem.

That’s where Jolt comes in, we’ve got rather a lot of experience identifying who your visitors really are, what they’re doing and what they want.

Once we know that, we go to town making sure that your website is targeted to take a larger portion of your audience from “just browsing” to “sold”.

Web Design and Development

Build a sales engine that works 24/7

Anybody can create a website these days and there are a host of resources available to throw together a half-decent website in a matter of hours. 

But half-decent isn’t what you want for your brand.

Websites are so much more than just a “digital brochure” and when we build sites, we build them to be user-friendly, engaging, fast and we build them to convert.

We’ve used all the major platforms and CMS systems so whether you’re looking for a brand new website, new functionality or a facelift, Jolt’s got you.



Email marketing and nurture

Fill your pipeline with qualified leads

Most brands struggle to find the sweet spot with email marketing, it’s either barely anything, a brief “cheers for ordering” or an incessant stream of “thanks”, “review us”, “order again!”.

Jolt will work to nurture your audience with an email strategy that works and keeps them coming back for more. 

Plus, once it’s all set up, you can sit back relax and watch your conversions go through the roof.

Take us for a spin

Get your free marketing audit

Sometimes you need a little help from a friend to get you on the right path. 

That’s why we’re more than happy to help out and provide you with a little inspiration.

Tell us a little about your business and we’ll send you a personalised audit summary full of quick wins and areas you can improve your digital marketing.

Not sure what you need?

We can’t all be experts at digital marketing (we’d be out of the job if that were case), and we’re more than happy to consult on your project, big or small. 

We can help with marketing strategy, offer technical advice and work with your team to hit your goals. Plus, we work to your budget. 

We’re happy to partner up with you on a long-term basis if that’s what you need, or we can help out by providing you with a one-time audit and strategy to set you on the right path.